Supercharge Your Energy with PC Healthcare & Impuls7

Sole Survivor, working with PC healthcare, are bringing this revolutionary electromagnetic system to our clients in an effort to stem the growing epidemic of stress related illnesses in the U.K.

Impuls7 is a scientifically proven system for treating stress related illnesses such as PTSD, burnout fatigue, sleep disorder and common sports injuries. Developed by Knut Pfeiffer, Impuls7 uses highly effective electromagnetic pulses to repair damage in the bodies electromagnetic field.

The tent-like, patented, shape of the impuls7 CUBUS is completely enclosed by a special fabric interwoven with silver threads. This “enclosure” protects the user against RF fields and electromagnetic waves (cell phones, microwaves, air radar, military stations, etc.) during the impuls7 therapy.

Using this arrangement, the impuls7 electromagnetic field therapy can actively interact with the patient’s bioelectric field in isolation and produce results in between four to seven treatments.

Due to the use of electromagnetic waves the following individuals are restricted from using the therapy; Clients with a cardiac or insulin pump, pregnant clients and those with cancer or malignant tumours.

Please contact us for further booking information and fees.