NHS Key Workers PTSD & Secondary Trauma


Place yourself in the shoes of a Frontline National Health Services worker on an ICU ward during COVID-19. At the beginning, PPE is scarce, and if there is any it’s out of date or is faulty.

Doctors forced into impossible situations as NHS staff report dangerously low levels of PPE

Your colleagues across the service are dying.

These are the health workers who have died from coronavirus

The job that you loved has turned into a battle ground, you can’t help the people you’re employed to help because you haven’t got the tools. Burnout – stress, secondary trauma; enduring it day in day out for over 12 months.

Your support network and coping mechanism you employed to cope aren’t there because of lockdown, you end a shift and go home in isolation, to then return, facing it again. Unfortunately bills need paying and food needs to be put on the table so you have no choice.

Nearly half of NHS critical care staff report PTSD, depression or anxiety.

PTSD and Secondary Trauma amongst our frontline NHS staff & Keyworkers has exploded to rates that have never been seen;

Nearly half of intensive care staff reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, severe depression or anxiety, according to research that led experts to say NHS workers are “suffering more than combat troops”.

The findings, based on responses from 709 doctors, nurses and other clinical roles across six NHS hospitals in England, date from June and July 2020, after the height of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic. About 45% reported symptoms consistent with a probable diagnosis of Secondary Trauma & PTSD, severe depression and anxiety.

‘I had to be sectioned’: the NHS staff broken and burned out by Covid

Sole Survivor have put together a team of Therapists who specialise in treating PTSD; reduced fees for our emotional offloading Active Listening service, and are giving NHS staff the opportunity to speak to us out of hours, before the start or end of shift, please let us know if you require out of hours support via email.

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