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About Us

About Sole Survivor

We Provide Effective, Non-Judgemental PTSD Support

Founded in February 2019 by Matt with a £250.00 Spark Fund Grant from Local Birkenhead based Non-Profit Organisation Involve Northwest, Sole Survivor was set up with the initial goal of uniting people who were suffering in isolation from PTSD, Stress and Trauma living in Wirral.

Following COVID-19 and the periods of Lockdown that were endured Sole Survivor was developed to become an information, guidance and therapy hub for those who are afflicted with PTSD from across the U.K and beyond.

Ultimately Sole Survivor wants to reduce the number of suicides and premature death through loneliness, isolation and substance misuse that occurs throughout the UK that can be linked to PTSD through the facilitation of up to date information on treatments and services to sufferers and their families.

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