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About Sole Survivor

We Provide Effective, Non-Judgemental PTSD Support

Founded in 2019 by Matt following a period of recovery from PTSD with a £250.00 Spark Fund Grant from Local Birkenhead based Non-Profit Organisation Involve Northwest, Sole Survivor was set up with the initial goal of uniting people who were suffering in isolation from PTSD, Stress and Trauma living in the County of Wirral.

This quickly grew from one to six Peer Support Groups, moving into Liverpool City then The Borough of Sefton and also creating an online group uniting people from across the UK.

Our method is to take a Psycho-Social approach to the issue and give sufferers the tools to overcome a life avoidance, loneliness, isolation and often substance misuse that occurs, to raise awareness of PTSD and help people live instead of exist.

We can offer groundbreaking Trauma Processing and Recovery work in the form of Integral Eye Movement Therapy, bespoke Mental Health Life Coaching for those working through the Post Traumatic Growth phase of their recovery, and an invitation to one of our sector-leading Peer Support Groups, open to all including Family members.

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