PTSD Support Liverpool

If you or a close family member is struggling with the symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), we are here to help. Here at Sole Survivor, we have been through the PTSD recovery journey ourselves, so we understand just how difficult it can be.

PTSD can cause problems with sleeping, eating, concentration, and socialising; it can feel like you live in a nightmare that you can’t escape. However, there is hope. Recovery is possible, and we want to help you get there.

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What Constitutes Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

PTSD affects people in different ways. The symptoms may appear straight away for some, while others may not develop until months or even years after the traumatic event has occurred. Plus, PTSD isn’t always a result of a one-off event. Repeated exposure to trauma can be just as likely to trigger symptoms.

At Sole Survivor, we don’t ask for an official diagnosis, as we understand that people might not have conventional symptoms or experiences relating to the condition. Instead, we offer a judgement-free space for you to talk about your experiences either in a group meeting format, through one-on-one sessions, or via our active listening service.

It’s our hope that we can connect you with people who can empathise with your struggles in a non-patronising manner and put you in contact with those ahead of you along the road to recovery for advice and further support.

What Kind of PTSD Support is Available in Liverpool from Sole Survivor?

Referred clients in the Liverpool area have plenty of options. The first port of call for you might well be one of our peer support meetings, which take place every Friday in various locations across the Liverpool City Region.

The details for our Liverpool-based meetings are as follows:

  • Tuesday Evening – Liverpool Central Library, William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EW – PTSD Peer Support Support 6.30 pm until 7.30 pm.
  • On-street parking is available, and the Library is in close proximity to Q Parks and a 5-minute walk from Lime Street Station.
  • The meetings are held on the top floor, with disabled access via lifts available.
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Are There Alternative Options to Liverpool-Based PTSD Support Meetings?

Of course, we also have a range of alternative support options if you don’t feel comfortable attending one of these meetings.

Our full range of services to support people living with PTSD and their immediate family members includes:

  • One-to-one support sessions
  • Peer support group meetings
  • PTSD and Adult ADHD workshops
  • Relaxation and mindfulness exercises
  • Active listening
  • Life coaching and stress management sessions
  • And much more…

Our PTSD support team members are all qualified to a CPCAB CST-L3 level, with most studying either higher education counselling certifications or degree-level courses in the subject. You can also book a session with one of our psychotherapists and stress management experts, who are available individually by appointment.

Contact Sole Survivor Today to Receive PTSD Support

If you’re interested in PTSD support from Sole Survivor, you can get involved in one of our free support groups. The easiest way to get PTSD support from us is to engage with the free PTSD support online drop-in sessions

You can get in touch using the contact information above to learn more about our support.

We look forward to helping you receive the support you deserve soon.