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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sole Survivor, what does the name mean?

Each PTSD sufferer has survived a traumatic experience that has unfolded before their eyes. Our perspective on it and the way our brain has processed it, and our subsequent behaviours, are unique only to ourselves, thus we are the Sole Survivors of that individual event.

Your group is exclusively for people with PTSD & ADHD, why?

We want to concentrate our resources and time on people and their families who are affected by PTSD & ADHD as this is where our experience lies. We would advise people who suffer from other Mental Health conditions to contact their G.P, who can then refer them on to more appropriate agencies.

What’s your Community Support & Mental Health Coaching? How does that work?

We work with you, in the community as Support Workers, assisting you with tasks that you may find difficult currently due to your condition. Avoidance, a big part of PTSD, often means that bills go unpaid, personal admin goes missing, appointments aren’t kept, simple things that people take for granted are things that we can’t handle in times of crisis. We will work with you to uncover where the blind spots are in your life and work with you to get you back to where you deserve to be.

Our Mental Health Coaching is similar, as well as focussing on the day to day stuff, it’s all about motivating you and giving you a boost to maintain those positive actions, however small they may seem to you at the time. We’ll be with you as you start to get yourself back into the game.

We can either charge you per session at an hourly rate (you may only need one), or you can block book a week or months at a time.

Delivery of the service’s is one to one face to face where feasible, with a combination of phone or internet support as we progress.

Are you Therapists and Counsellors?

Not entirely, our Peer Support Groups are made up of individuals with lived experience of PTSD, unfortunately we don’t have a magic wand that can cure your condition in one group session, what we do have is tonnes of empathy, experience of the condition, advice and guidance from ordinary people who have learned to live and cope with the condition on a day to day basis; people like you.

Our Active Listening Team are qualified to CPCAB CST-L3 level, most are studying either higher Counselling Qualifications or Degree Level courses in the subject and have regular supervision.

Founder Matt has qualifications in Rewind Therapy & Integral Eye Movement Therapy.

Is it for Military Veterans only?

No, Sole Survivor is set up for everyone with PTSD from women who have experienced a traumatic pregnancy to emergency services, individuals who have been involved in gang violence and people who have witnessed road traffic accidents, the list of the causes of PTSD are many and not just attributed to front line combat scenarios.

We do not discriminate against military or non-military personnel, our view is that we are all suffering from PTSD, we can all learn from each other in a supportive environment, both civilian and veteran alike.

Can I bring a friend or a Family Member?

Yes, the groups set up for families and friends to attend, you can have someone with you during an Active Listening session, no problem, as long as you are happy to have them there. PTSD rarely affects one person, it’s usually the whole household that will feel the repercussions of the condition, directly or indirectly.

Do I need a Formal Diagnosis to attend a group?

The short answer is no! All are welcome, diagnosed or not.

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