Trauma-Informed PTSD CPD Training

How We Can Help Your Organisation to Achieve the Best Outcomes with…

Keyworking PTSD: Comprehensive PTSD CPD Training for your client-facing teams.

’ How we can help employers and employees alleviate the risk of burn out, understand and reduce the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and achieve the best outcomes for all’’ 

In today’s high-pressure workplaces, preventing burnout is crucial. Employers and employees share this responsibility. By investing in proactive measures like tailored training, workload management, and prioritising wellbeing, we can foster mentally healthy environments for optimal outcomes.

Why Act Now?

The Mental Health UK’s Burnout Report 2024 reveals alarming statistics: 91% of UK adults faced extreme stress last year, leading 20% to take time off work. With burnout at record highs, equip your team to handle the pressures, especially when working with clients affected by PTSD.

Our Solution

At Sole Survivor PTSD Support CIC, we specialise in PTSD CPD training. Founded by Matt Shepley, with over a decade of frontline Keyworker experience, and Julie Fox, a Mental Health Lead with 30+ years in NHS services, our nonprofit offers evidence-based training.

Benefits for Your Team

Our program equips your staff to navigate the complexities of PTSD, promoting resilience and confidence. By adopting trauma-informed practices, your team can provide the compassionate care essential for managing PTSD clients effectively.

Join Us

Partner with us to create a positive, sustainable future for your organisation and clients. Together, let’s build a workplace culture that supports mental health and empowers your team to make a real difference.


“I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for delivering our training last week. The team enjoyed your delivery and thought it was very insightful. As we are continuously working with those members who have/are experiencing PTSD this has given us more understanding of the impact this has and how we can support them, Thanks so much, Matt”.  

Jason C, Health & Wellbeing Practioner

South Sefton NHS Primary Care Network

Adverse Childhood Experience (Ace’s) Team 

“The key working PTSD training provided me with a deeper understanding of PTSD and the skills to help my clients and community heal. I highly recommend it to any support worker who works with clients suffering from PTSD in their communities”.

Paul R, Support Worker, 

Wirral MIND 

Our training can be delivered online or face-to-face at your company, community group or charity organisation.

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