What motivates you? I’m guessing if you’re in the middle of PTSD, not much – Ok, so you have to start to fight back. Simple. You can let all this wash over you, watch everything you have built up crumble, see the person you love leave you, watch your finances implode.

You wake up and have choices. Do I let all this happen or do I not.

Take responsibility for your condition, become objective; learn about PTSD, learn what to eat, learn about mindfulness, learn to meditate, practice sleep hygiene.

If you can’t then go outside for twenty minutes and walk up and down the street. I guarantee if you do that action, it will lead to other actions and will get you out of the rut.

Do you drink too much, do you spend all weekend with a rolled up £20 note in your hand? All this is doing is masking your condition. You’re better than this.

Get angry with yourself, use this anger as FUEL. Yes, FUEL, I’m not going down like this. FIGHT BACK, YOU CAN DO IT. And if you need a push, call me, we can have a support session, work together to get you back to the place that you deserve to be.

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