mental health coaching

Through working with people with complex needs, and the experiences helping people find a pathway in the PTSD peer support groups; my story and the reason I’m doing this is that I believe in the power of human resilience, transformation and recovery; you can read my story of resilience and recovery here.

I noticed that as part of my recovery, things were changing, my old life didn’t fit anymore, things I was doing, the way I was behaving had changed, my mindset was transformed. 

To be honest, it was something I had to get used to and it wasn’t easy.

I’ve since learnt that it’s called Post Traumatic Growth, this growth is akin to a butterfly hatching from a chrysalis, and it was a cause of its own type of anxiety, now I’m not suggesting that recovery will cause anxiety for everyone, but there will be a process of change.

Over time I re-grouped, took a closer look at what fitted and what and what didn’t, came up with a plan, was consistent with it, and worked towards the result of what I deem to be my version of success. 

It isn’t one of big houses, millions of social media followers and a Ferrari. It’s more the fact that I can get up in the morning, look at myself in the mirror and like the person looking back, a sense of contentment that I never thought I would attain. 

I started to think about the steps I had taken, and realised that, well if I could do it, literally anyone with the right support could. 

This led me to start to look at the way that I had structured my new reality and realised that it was a case of identifying the foundations that kept life balanced. 

I noticed on further analysis that I had essentially coached myself and that through positive thinking, developing mental resilience, understanding what it was I wanted out of life I had in fact created a Life Coaching Course that I could share with others. 

I’ve worked on a Mental Health & Wellbeing Life Coaching course with Dr Dave Wood of Metanoeo and have created a modality specifically suited to Mental Health Recovery and Post Traumatic growth. 

You don’t have to have suffered from PTSD, this work’s with general anxiety and depression, recovery from substance misuse, this has been proven to work with  people who have been out of work for a period of time due to mental health issues and has helped them assimilate back into the workplace. 

Remember, success doesn’t have to be fast cars and big houses, it could be a stable family home, estranged relationships rebuilt and addictions managed. It could be as simple as liking the person looking back at you in the mirror.

It’s scary I know, but trust me, the life you deserve is out there, you just have to go and get it. 1-2-1 Mental Health Coaching; Whatever it is you want to achieve, let’s get it in the plan and get going!

Interested In Mental Health Coaching?

If you are interested in mental health coaching please get in touch. You can book a free 15 minute call by emailing me at or over the phone on 07903 544585.

  • 8 hours of 1-2-1 support and coaching for £399.00 – Face to Face or Online
  • Plans available for those in receipt of DWP Benefits, Low Income and PIP.
  • Do you have Staff or Management that require coaching? Please enquire about bespoke packages for Employers.